domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2008

Everything is blur

I don't really know, it's all I can say. The only I know is what will happen, like it or not. 
Yesterday I went to bed with so much strange feeling that today it seems to be doubled. The weather does not help me really, so rainy... but at the same time it makes me to dry myself inside.

I need the book in my hands to blow my mind away from this deep hole I feel to be in. But I know I can't think further. I need the book to be come with her. 'Cos she is my other level.
Last months I was so strong I couldn't believe myself, and I thought it would be that forever now. My mind was ready. Now I feel it's not. Neither I am. And I see all the lines closed around. But I'm running to open them again. Wide. 

I don't know if I want the moment to come or to pass, but just to be in front and face it once and for all. I need that turning point in my and our lives. 

I know I am still stronger than ever though I can't feel it. But I will.

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Anónimo dijo...

You do need the book and in so many ways she's written it for you and she's written it for my nephews, especially for my nephews the tale called the knight with a hairy heart.
You'll never be totally ready, like a pendulum. today here, tomorrow there and always held in the middle until the marble drops and rolls away far from our eyes and no matter how many couches we drag far away from the wall and near again, we never find it in that form.
Still we will always hear it from time to time, rolling, a little marble, reminding us that 'nothing is lost'. Ever.

'Cada uno da lo que recibe,
y luego recibo lo que da.
Nada es mas simple.
No hay otra norma.
Nada se pierde.
Todo se transforma' (Jorge Drexler)