martes, 23 de junio de 2009

Re-reading my mind!

Bit by bit I am feeling myself again. I feel to be me seems to be some interesting, I guess. My mind is needing to be full of out-things, if they exist. Reading is a fact. Going out, music, concerts, social life... all those things will my kid be himself. 'Cos he is much him than ever and each day. I feel I have just found the place I lost some day. That, the outer winds flew away and never brought back.

I feel I am getting closer to me, and to you. I feel like my blood to be on fire.

Today the solstice is getting me to the beach and look up at the sky once more. And it will be then, and no other time, when I will be with you again, dad.


Poco a poco me siento yo otra vez. Siento que ser yo parece ser algo interesante, supongo. Mi mente necesita llenarse de cosas externas, si es que existen (tiene más sentido en inglés :(). Leer vuelve a ser un hecho. Salir, la música, los conciertos, la vida social... todo aquello que hará que mi niño sea él mismo. Porque lo es más que nunca, y cada día más. Siento que he encontrado el lugar que un día perdí. Ese, que las corrientes externas se llevaron y nunca volvieron a traer.

Siento que vuelvo a estar más cerca de mí, y de vosotros. Siento como si mi sangre estuviera ardiendo.

Hoy el solsticio me lleva a la playa y a mirar al cielo una vez más. Y será entonces, y sólo entonces, cuando estaré contigo otra vez, papá.

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The Lost Photographer dijo...

In England we say 'Time is a great healer'. No doubt you say the same in Spain - grief is a universal emotion. It's very true, time does heal, but some things take much time and leave scars for life. Scars don't hurt.

When a huge chunk of your life, world and love is taken away from you it is difficult to understand, or make sense never mind accept. As days, weeks and months pass the empty void is filled with small words of wisdom, new experiences and rich memories that no-one, or anything can ever take away from you.